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Preliminary Statement of the Election Assessment Mission to the European Elections

10 Jun , 2024  

Brussels, 10 June 2024: Election-Watch.EU presented its Preliminary Statement of the Election-Watch.EU Election Assessment Mission to the 2024 European Parliament Elections at a press conference at the Press Club Brussels Europe. 

The Preliminary Statement covers the following aspects:
  • Equality of participation and representation
  • Inclusion of underrepresented groups
  • Transparency of electoral processes
  • Accountability of political actors
  • Integrity of electoral conduct
  • Resilience to risks and threats

Election-Watch.EU conducted its second Election Assessment Mission to the European Parliament elections in all 27 EU Member States. The Mission of [...]  read more

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Pre-Election Assessment Mission Report published

7 Feb , 2024  

Brussels, Vienna, 7 February 2024: Election.Watch.EU published its Pre-Election Assessment Mission (PEAM) Report and will conduct a comprehensive Election Assessment Mission (EAM) to the 6-9 June 2024 European Parliament (EP) elections within the 27 EU Member States (MS).

Ahead of the 6-9 June 2024 European Parliament (EP) elections, the Election-Watch.EU PEAM conducted in-person consultations in Brussels between 22 and 24 November 2023 and online meetings during the [...]  read more

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Participation of Mobile EU citizens – Infographics in 24 European languages released

20 May , 2024  

Brussels, Vienna, 20 May 2024: Mobile EU citizens are those EU citizens living in another EU Member State than their own. Election-Watch.EU provides the below infographics about mobile EU citizen participation in European Parliament elections to help increase electoral participation and voter turnout among mobile EU citizens. This material also responds to identified needs from the 2019 European Parliament elections, as voter turnout among mobile EU [...]  read more

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Infographics to inform voters about European Elections

16 May , 2024  

Brussels, 16 May 2024: As the European Parliament’s Communication Partner and with European elections less than a month away, Election-Watch.EU has doubled its voter information efforts, striving to encourage active and informed voter participation across the Union.

As one of its latest outputs as part of the SEEEDS project, Election-Watch.EU has prepared a series of infographics that aim to illustrate, [...]  read more

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Election Assessment Mission Office in Brussels opened

14 May , 2024  

Brussels, 14 May 2024: The Election-Watch.EU Election Assessment Mission (EAM) to the European Parliament Elections 2024 has set up office in Brussels and is operating a full fledged mission since beginning of May. The Core Team of Experts based in Brussels coordinates the EAM and liaises with EU institutions, European political parties (EUPPs) and civil society organisations (CSOs).

The EAM builds on the strong network of international election observers and experts [...]  read more

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Start of Vote Advice Application

13 May , 2024  

Vienna, 13 May 2024: Election-Watch.EU (, together with other civil society organisations (CSO) launched the Vote Advice Application (VAA) for the European Parliament elections, especially for young and first time voters. is a pilot project initiated by a team of CSOs, besides, this includes[...]  read more

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Focus on human rights based-elections in cities

6 May , 2024  

Brussels/Vienna, 6 May 2024: Election-Watch.EU was invited to contribute to the Webinar “Enhancing Human Rights in Cities with the Right to Vote: The 2024 European Parliament Elections” by the Human Rights Cities Network (HRCN) in collaboration with the Global Parliament of Mayors.

Michael Lidauer of Election-Watch.EU shed light on elections as a human rights practice and raised awareness of different types of elections as well as different electoral stakeholder [...]  read more

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Communication Partner for the European Elections 2024

6 May , 2024  

Brussels, 5 May 2024: The European Parliament recognised Election-Watch.EU’s conduct in voter education and its “excellent efforts as a communication partner for the European Elections 2024”.  During an official ceremony European Parliament President Roberta Metsola, General Director Communication Jaume Duch Guillot, and Director Communication Philipp Schulmeister highlighted the importance of the #useyourvote campaign and to motivate [...]  read more

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Official observer accreditations requested from 27 Electoral Authorities

2 May , 2024  

Brussels, 2 May 2024: The European Commission Directorate General (DG) Justice invited Election-Watch.EU to the European Cooperation Network on Elections (ECNE) meeting to present the focus of the Election Assessment Mission and to request observer accreditations from the 27 EU Member States’ Election Management Bodies. Presentation Election-Watch.EU – ECNE meeting 2 May 2024

Election-Watch.EU has sent an official letter to each of the 27 Election Management [...]  read more

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Strengthening Youth Electoral Engagement

16 Apr , 2024  

Brussels/Vienna, 16 April 2024: On 16 April, a variety of organisations discussed the conditions for youth political participation and exchanged ideas on options of how to better engage young people in the upcoming 6-9 June European Parliament elections.

As part of an introduction to the discussion, Election-Watch.EU presented key facts and figures on young people’s electoral engagement, analysing also barriers to [...]  read more

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