Who we are?

Wahlbeobachtung.org (Election-Watch.EU) is an impartial civil society organisation of Austrian election observers and experts with international election observation and electoral assistance experience.

We see wahlbeobachtung.org (Election-Watch.EU) as an unbiased civil society initiative for observing and assessing the Austrian electoral processes with the intention of pointing out deviations from international obligations and best practice. Through recommendations and our advocacy work we aim to contribute in particular to the improvement of the Austrian electoral system and electoral processes and more broadly to the strengthening of the political system in general.

Wahlbeobachtung.org (Election-Watch.EU) provides information on the Austrian election processes, international standards and best practices.

Paul Grohma +43-676-7009395 / Michael Lidauer +43-650-9803594
Armin Rabitsch +43-664-9263563

kontakt@wahlbeobachtung.org or wahlbeobachtung@gmail.com

Picture: Core Team von wahlbeobachtung.org (Election-Watch.EU) ; Armin Rabitsch, Michael Lidauer, Paul Grohma (from left to right, © Armin Rabitsch)