Robert Bosch Foundation Support for “Education on Europe”

13 Apr , 2019  

Zagreb, 13 April 2019: Election-Watch.EU was admitted to the Robert Bosch Foundation program “Education on Europe”. Education on Europe is a program for citizenship educators on European issues. The program aims to create, try out and evaluate new approaches to make European integration and EU politics more accessible to learners. It fosters the emergence of concepts to reach young people not usually included in European political thinking.

The program consists of four seminars, dedicated to theoretical approaches, best practices, program design and project development, taking place between in different places across Europe between April 2019 and January 2020. The first seminar near Zagreb (11-13 April 2019) was dedicated to conceptual frameworks for European citizenship education. A key input was provided by David Kerr, Consultant Director of Education of young citizens. Peer exchange among European citizenship activators is an important element of the program.