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Registration deadlines for European Elections

25 Mar , 2024  

Vienna, 25 March 2024: Crucial voter registration deadlines for the 6-9 June 2024 European Parliament elections in three EU Member States (ES, IT, FI) passed already.

Tomorrow, on 26 March, Austria will have its cut off date for the voter register. Especially if you are a mobile EU citizen living in Austria and you would like to vote in Austria you would need to register by tomorrow. More information via the Ministry of Interior website

Find here the recording of the recent SEEEDS webinar on enhancing participation of mobile EU citizens and the introductory presentation on the topic.

A total of 11 out of 13,7 million mobile EU citizens are of voting age
▶ Most of them are from Romania and Croatia
▶ Most of them live in Germany and Spain
▶ Highest proportion in Luxembourg, Cyprus & Malta

❓ Did you know that 16 year old French, Italian, Polish, Spanish,… voters resident in Austria, Belgium, Germany can vote in the 2024 European Parliament elections?

❓ Did you know that an 18 year old Italian or Greek citizen, resident in Austria or Belgium could stand as candidate for the European Parliament elections?
❗ In their home country they would need to be at least 25 years of age!

❓Did you know that Czech, Irish, Maltese, and Slovak mobile EU citizens cannot vote – except if they register for their host country, or return home?

The EU provides good information via its website: