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Debate about electoral reforms in the EU Parliament stimulated by Election-Watch.EU’s findings and recommendations

28 Jan , 2020  

Brussels, 28 January 28 2020: The Constitutional Committee of the European Parliament (AFCO) invited Election-Watch.EU to present its Election Assessment Mission’s findings and recommendations to the Members of the European Parliament. Former European Parliament President and current Constitutional Committee Chairperson Antonio Tajani introduced Election-Watch.EU.

The presentation of Election-Watch.EU’s Election Assessment Mission’s findings and recommendations by Armin Rabitsch followed a lively debate and the interest of greater coherence and harmonization of the European electoral framework and processes.

Election-Watch.EU considers the upcoming conference on the future of Europe as an appropriate forum to envisage and debate a participatory electoral reform process.  Presenting the Election-Watch.EU Election Assessment Mission to the Members of the European Parliament is part of the ongoing advocacy work to pursue comprehensive, participative electoral reforms. These are required at all levels of the European Union and its Member States to strengthen European electoral processes and democratic resilience. Armin Rabitsch emphasised that especially citizen-led election observers contribute positively by their oversight and international experience of best practices.

Election-Watch.EU also thanks all friends, supporters and colleagues who contributed their ideas, time and energy and made this project possible.  

The live stream video of the Election-Watch.EU presentation and debate at AFCO can be viewed here:  Within the website’s right column “Media Library” select 28-01-2020 11.06 (from 11.40). 

The Power point Presentation of Election-Watch.EU at the AFCO Committee can be downloaded here.

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