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Strengthening Youth Electoral Engagement

16 Apr , 2024  

Brussels/Vienna, 16 April 2024: On 16 April, a variety of organisations discussed the conditions for youth political participation and exchanged ideas on options of how to better engage young people in the upcoming 6-9 June European Parliament elections.

As part of an introduction to the discussion, Election-Watch.EU presented key facts and figures on young people’s electoral engagement, analysing also barriers to their representation and effective participation, including as mobile EU citizens. See presentation here.  

Rareș Voicu, a Board Member of the European Youth Forum (EYF), highlighted existing gaps between EU decision-makers and the youth demographic and suggested measures that could be considered to bridge it.

Ana Valiente of the Youth Outreach Unit in the European Parliament presented various information tools and engagement options which the European Parliament itself has on offer for young people across the European Union. See presentation here.

Hendrik Nahr, Head of European Affairs at & Co-Coordinator of EurHope, spoke about the rationale behind and the preparations for their tool to explore European political parties’ positions. See presentation here.

Veronika Hincova Frankovska, Project Manager at Demagog.SK, shared a presentation on how youth can navigate through the information space and contribute to the debunking of election-related disinformation across Europe. See presentation here.

The entire webinar can be rewatched here.

This SEEEDS webinar was hosted by Michael Lidauer and Tatyana Hilscher-Bogussevich of  Election-Watch.EU. The next SEEEDS webinar dedicated to the participation of women in the European elections will be facilitated by EDP and is scheduled for 14 May at 16 hrs.


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