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Participate in the 4th SEEEDS webinar “Risks and Opportunities in European elections”

13 Apr , 2023  

Brussels, Vienna, 13 April 2023: The fourth webinar of the SEEEDS project on risks and opportunities in European elections ahead of the 2024 European Parliament elections will take place on Tuesday, 25 April 2023..

There are several risks to the EP elections in 2024, stemming from rule of law problems, limited media freedoms, disinformation and cyber-attacks. But the 2024 elections also represent an opportunity to make the European Union more democratic, such as better public awareness and participation. During the webinar, we will discuss in particular:

  • How does the rule of law crisis affect the elections?
  • What are the challenges in campaigning in Member States with a captured media landscape?
  • Which legitimacy have election results ratified by national courts which are under allegation of being politically staffed?
  • What is the prospect and tools of mal-intended interference (both foreign and from within MS) in elections?
  • What chances for reform are these elections offering?

Other topics will be selected based on the input from the survey below. Your contribution will shape the direction of the discussion.

For all those interested and voting in the upcoming European Parliament elections in May 2024 the SEEEDS project partner organisations would like to get your input in a survey ahead of the SEEEDS webinar on 25 April 2023:
▶ Which is the most imminent risk for the European Parliament Elections 2024?
▶ Which opportunity will most likely emerge from the European Parliament Elections 2024?
▶ What should we prioritise?
This will help us frame the discussion on 25 April. The survey can be accessed here:
The registration for the 4th SEEEDS webinar can be accessed here:
For more information about the SEEEDS project visit our website here:

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