Election observation and young voter education

31 Mar , 2022  

Vienna, 31 March 2022: Election-Watch.EU was asked to contribute an article on the subject of “Election Observation in Austria” to the new issue of polis aktuell on elections / voting, a magazine for teachers. With the support of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, the Austrian Centre for Citizenship Education in Schools offers teaching materials to support political education, among others. Election-Watch.EU cooperated with Zentrum polis before the 2019 European elections as part of its own initiatives for young voter education.


The latest issue of polis aktuell gives an overview of the national elections at federal, state and local level as well as the European elections in Austria. With a special issue on 15 years of “Voting at 16”, the perspectives on this topic are presented by four different organizations who work with young people. Other topics are the differences between majoritarian and proportional representation using the example of the US presidential election, e-democracy, voter exclusion on the basis of citizenship, election campaigns and election forecasts. The issue also contains practical ideas for teaching as well as links and literature tips.


As part of the Action Days for Citizenship Education, Election-Watch.EU will discuss with other institutions how polling station boards in Austria can integrate young voters as part of the election administration at the local level.

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