Citizen-based election observation to enhance electoral security through transparency

5 Apr , 2023  

London, 4 April 2023: The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), supported by CrowdStrike and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) invited Election-Watch.EU to participate in the multi-stakeholder roundtable discussions.

Participants and resource persons highlighted the importance of a broad approach to election security and identified challenges and best practices that are summarised in the Global-Elections-Security-Report.

This report takes an in-depth look at what cybersecurity players are doing to protect the integrity of elections around the world, from fighting the spread of false information which might prevent voters from forming opinions based on accurate information to securing voter data and election results from manipulation attempts.

This report offers ten recommendations to improve the cybersecurity of elections with a whole-of-society approach. Governments, industry, political parties, media, civil society, non-profit organisations, and citizens themselves all have a role to play in collectively improving the integrity of our elections.

Recommendation 6 – Collaboration – promote transparency as a key element to trust. Transparency is a key element to trust. When transparency is missing from election technology processes it has a fundamental impact on trust.  Countries should strive for transparent elections that embrace robust observation from both domestic and international observers, and international and regional standards, when existent, need to be implemented expeditiously.