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25 Apr , 2023  

London, Vienna, 25 April 2023: Election-Watch has been invited to join a panel discussion on election observation in Western democracies by the Democracy Volunteers on Tuesday, 25 April at 21:30 hours CET.

Election observation has long been seen as a key mechanism for democracy promotion due to the benefits it can have for electoral integrity around the world.

However, the geographical distribution of Election Observation Missions is varied, both globally, and within the OSCE region. While observations are regular occurrences in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, little attention is paid to Western Democracies.

At this event a panel of experts discusses the impact and importance of election observation in Western Democracies.

The panel is:

  • Stewart Dickson MLA (Congress of the Council of Europe)

  • Lord Robert Hayward (UK Parliament)

  • Armin Rabitsch (Election-Watch)

Please sign up for this free event using this link.


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